Nutrition with Desiree
Nutrition with Desiree

Welcome to Nutrition with Desiree

A non-diet, evidence-based nutrition community run by Desiree Nielsen RD.

What We're Doing Here

Need a place for real, practical advice on nutrition? One that won't slam you with diet culture and non-stop weight loss talk? You've come to the right place. 

Led by bestselling author and podcast host, Desiree Nielsen RD, our main jam is gut health, plant-based nutrition + myth busting with a side of deliciously simple plant-based recipes. All are welcome...we promise a supportive community filled with positive vibes.

Why You Should Come Hang Out Here

If you're into nutrition...but not into the fear mongering, the pseudoscience and constant diet talk, we're creating a safe and supportive environment for real people to access nutrition information that works. Non-judgmental, practical and supportive. We like to eat. We like to feel good. We believe that food can transform your life in a positive way. We like folks who are into that.

What we'll be doing around here: sharing recipes, offering nutrition tips, answering your burning nutrition questions and more. Coming 2022: a paid option with live Q+As with Desiree, exclusive webinars and virtual cooking classes. Maybe a bonus recipe, podcast or even discounts. This space will evolve as we do!

Food Heals... But Not If You Take It - Or Yourself - Too Seriously.

I am enormously grateful to do the work that I do. I love helping people find joy and healing in food. This community is here to create just that, a real community of folks who are brought together by food and nutrition. Without the algorithms deciding what you get to see. Without anyone sampling your personal information like it's a silicon valley buffet.